Monday, 3 October 2011

From fail to fun!

So I spent this Sunday with Miss Lauren from Happy Little Cupcake and boredom took over after FAR too much rain watching so we got to cupcake baking. Orange cupcakes for that matter!

So now it's icing time, right? Well my cupcakey friend says "do you have a large icing tip?" Now I totally didn't look at her blankly (I know what a large icing tip is!), but apparently a number 4 tip does NOT constitute a large icing tip! Who knew? It's not my fault I tell you, I'm a cookier!

This was where I came up with my AMAZING idea that had Lauren looking at me like maybe I was a little bit defective and telling me that it wasn't going to work. But being the stubborn optimistic person that I am I wouldn't be persuaded.

So I pulled out the trusty cardstock and made myself a large icing tip.

Tell the truth, you know you are looking at it and thinking that it is totally awesome!!!!

Feeling creative we decided to go with a blue, green and yellow icing swirl. We coloured our buttercream and got our tip ready for it's grand introduction to the world of decorating.

This may or may not have been the begining of the end of my masterplan! Lets just say that all in all it was an interesting experience. Out of this experience though also came some fun. I looked at the disaster and just saw failure but Miss Cupcake saw monsters and that's when things started to look up :)

Here was our end result

What kitchen disasters have you turned around?

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